Movie & Filming

Movie & Filming


We have a great platform for filming movies or any occasion …Your in hollywood, do as in rome.

Many of the scenes for Hollywood movies & TV shows are filmed inside studio sound stages and on studio back lots. But when producers want to inject a little authenticity into their projects, they often hits the road to film on location. They usually go no farther than the L.A. basin.

Every day of the year, dozens of film crews are out on the streets of L.A. and Hollywood, shooting key scenes
for major motion pictures, TV shows, music videos, commercials, etc. If you can find out where these crews
will be shooting, you can stop by and watch the action; if you're lucky, you may even see your favorite
movie stars in person.

Here at Antico Cafe, we have the perfect setting for your filming needs. With our two story building, located
in the heart of East Hollywood, we are situation in the perfect spot for your Movie Filming needs.

We have entertained Filming Production Crews such as:
NewYork Academy Production & Global Great Britain, Inc.



For Bookings and Prices Please See Below:

Top and Bottom Floors are available with just under 7,000 square feet of filming room to suit your needs.

  • Cleaning Fee - $50

  • Security Deposit - we require 50% Deposit within 72 hours of the booking date as we also
    schedule “private” dinners for our local diners.

  • Cost To Rent Location - is $100 per hour and we can accompany up to 25 people in total attendance.
    Over 25 people and the charge goes up to $150.

  • Cleaning Cost - is $150.

  • Booking Dates - We do require at least 72 hours notice before booking a date to ensure we have it available for you.

    We keep things simple folks…filming is challenging enough. Simply give us a call when you need a place to film. We can’t wait to meet you all and help fulfill your Hollywood Dreams in Antico Bistro Style!