Healthy Cooking School

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learn the fundamentals of cooking and vegan cusine

With award winning New York City, Chef Sam Stark.

Start your summer off right by learning how to make delicious and healthy vegan meals and gain the tools to become a pro.
All skill levels are welcome as classes meet twice a week - Mondays and Wednesdays for a total of six weeks!

We need a total of 10 participants in order to begin the six-week class and are currently taking enrollments now for the cooking sessions. Time announcements will be made once the list has hit the class quota and you will be notified via email and phone call.

COMING SOON - Cooking School Classes for our Youth! We are in the works of creating a fun way to teach your
child to cook vegan food as we continue to flourish and spread the word on how you can enjoy the
food at your home by your own hands and impress your family ad company. You’re welcome.

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enroll in our next six week, vegan class session

We can’t wait to have you onboard with what we consider a genuinely fun time learning the secrets of Vegan cuisine and how it can impact your cooking life once you grasp that knowledge.

For more information and to enroll now for the classes,
simply email: and we will get back you as soon a possible.